More Poker Tips for Beginners (Part 2)

Here is the continuation of the beginners guide we started earlier. For part one click here!

Beginners Guide NO.4: Learn the odds of poker playing

To be a successful poker player, unfortunately, it is not enough to figure out the outs; you also need to understand how to use that exact knowledge when you count on the poker odds.

Do not worry, even here is the “low-level” mathematics that applies to your decisions.

In this video we go through; among other things, how to calculate pot odds & pot equity. These skills are critical to make winning decisions at the tables. Look at the video below to learn more.

Beginners Guide NO. 5: Pay attention to the whats happening at the poker table

Poker is a game of information and the more noticeable you are; the more money you will earn. Attention in poker means much more than just remembering your past hands. You have to keep an eye on everything from the moment you sit down at the table.

Gather the information around you

Everything from how a particular player makes his purchase of how the players are dressed and how they play their hands; It is important to gather as much information as possible and make it possible to make good decisions that you make money on.

Many beginners make the mistake of paying attention to the hands they are in, thus losing valuable information. You must keep a close eye on all hands played at the table, whether you are involved or not.

Beginners Guide NO. 6: Have a bankroll that’s dedicated for Poker Playing

A mistake that is very common with inexperienced (and bad) poker players is that they do not have money earmarked for playing poker with a so-called bankroll.

If you have a bankroll for your poker game, it will be easier to keep track of winnings and losses and it will also be less stressful when loosing occurs.

Those who play online poker and do not want to make new deposits all the time should follow our tips to minimize the risk of being “broke”.

Learn how many purchases you should have in your bankroll – for both cash games and poker tournaments – to make sure you can “survive” an extended period of time. Check out Casinomir┬áif you need more tips on how to win at poker!