How to become a great Poker Player

Poker is a complex game that requires a great deal of patience, strong discipline and a lot of training if you want to be somewhat successful. Competition today is rock solid and there are no easy way to become a real long-term winner.

To become a good poker player, it’s always necessary to keep developing and constantly pushing yourself to new limits. Therefore over the next couple of weeks – we will give you some rules to help you on your way; so you can take the next step in your poker career.

Bring your A-Game

The golden age when pretty much anyone with a little basic poker skills could sit down at the tables and win big – is unfortunately over. Nowadays, the internet is packed with various video sites, forums, strategy articles, and in recent years it has become popular to buy “guides” by other talented poker players. Continuing to study the game constantly using the information these channels produce are of course essential; and help you develop your theoretical knowledge about the game.

Something that many players forget is how important it is to always perform at their maximum level, also known as “the A-game”. A few sessions in one’s “C-game”, can easily destroy the result from several weeks of good play.

A disciplined player who is adept at maximizing his performance with the help of his theoretical knowledge, who is constantly working hard to constantly develop his game and who always seems to play his A-game usually; has much better opportunities to succeed than anyone who has an arsenal full of theoretical knowledge. Of course knowledge is allways a good thing; but if you don’t know how to use it the best way; you will furthermore be unable to play at an even higher level.

Below you will find the first rule that will help you perform at your maximum level, stay away from tilt; and continue to develop as a player.

The right mindset

Always be sure to be in the right mindset for your poker-sessions. Be motivated for the task at hand, and prepare yourself well. Meditation has helped many talented players end up in a stable and focused mindset, but everything is personal so it’s about finding what works for you. A basic rule is to never play if you are hungry, angry, sad or tired.

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