How does a Online Poker Bonus Work?

If you play online poker, most gaming rooms offer some kind of poker bonus. For example, you may see bonus offers that look something like this: “100% up to € 100 bonus”. What this usually means is putting € 100 into your game account; this will then be matched with a bonus that will give you an additional € 100 to play with.

How to access and withdraw a bonus

However, you can not deposit € 100, and just a short moment later withdraw € 200. To access the poker bonus you must collect a number of points. In order to receive a € 100 bonus, you may need to play for 20 hours, depending on the bonus system and the bet for your games. The terms change depending on the poker site or the online-casino, so always read the fine print.

A poker bonus-offer that reads: “Bonus – 100% up to € 300” does not have to be better than; “Bonus – 100% up to € 100”. It also depends on the structure of the bonus system.

See current bonus offers.

A bonus is usually set within a certain time limit. You may receive 90 days after you register for the bonus. Activation of your bonus is usually done automatically; provided you have authorization to do this. The condition for a specific bonus is usually that you are a new player. However, as a registered player you can sometimes get a so-called reload bonus when you make your second deposit or simply new bonus offer that you can collect.


Payout of bonus takes place either with the whole bonus at once or in smaller parts. The latter is better for you because you never risk losing the entire bonus if the time period expires. At Poker Stars, for example the bonus is released in portions of ten dollars.

Bonus directly on your account

In addition to such a bonus you will earn by collecting credits there are also bonuses that are deposited directly into your account when you register for the first time. A few poker rooms offer this and then it usually involves small amounts like five to ten dollars. A company that offers you a bonus of this kind is 888.