Food for thought – Online Poker

Sign up for a good online poker site! Find a poker room that really suits you. Perhaps it’s a good idea to choose a page where you can easily read rules and “launch” yourself in the right direction. Keep an eye out for pages with an EU flag, these mostly have tax-free profits. It’s usually easy to register on one of these sites, it only takes a few minutes and downloading the software usually does not get very complicated.

Check out how everything works on the site; rules, payments, bonuses and so on. Almost all major sites offer game money for new players. That way you get a hum about how the game; works and a chance to test them. When you then switch to real money start at a low level and then play for more as you get better.

Read abit about poker before you start playing. There is an endless amount of information to share, the more you can about poker the better your conditions will be.

Learn your cards

Do not be shy when raising. If you are sitting with a hand that is worth a raise then throw in a small part of the pot. That way, you create a pressure on your opponents and they may make a mistake. However, if the hand is not worth so much, it may be best to throw it away. Learn to understand a hand’s possibilities and limitations.

Poker without a Poker Face

In the case of online poker, a “poker face” doesn’t exist. You can’t see if the opponent thrives on his hand or if he or she begins to sweat. Try to join the game even if you are not in the pot. Indeed, there is a lot of info to share even if you are not in your hand; how the other players are playing – what kind of player you are sitting around the table simply. And much more.

Do not play for more than you can afford! A simple tip but a very important thing.