About Us

People often think extraordinary poker players were birthed with the abilities to read minds or they are just exceptionally gifted at playing cards. Well, we at Poker How To Play are here to tell you that playing poker can be as simple as learning the letters of the alphabet. This is also our goal, to teach everyone that is passionate about poker to bring it to the next level.

Are you looking to be a successful professional poker player? Are you looking to work from home or anywhere in the world and earn a good living? Are you looking to learn the tips and tricks to improve your poker game in order to secure the bags while having control of your life and time?

If this description fits you, then you are in the right place. At PokerHowToPlay.com we walk you through the steps of becoming a better player. Hopefully (if it is your dream), you will end up like a pro.

What we do

We help you understand the basics of the game such as positioning yourself. How to best to make decisions for the right table and stakes to play on, depending on your budget and expertise. Also guide you on the rules, payments, and bonuses and so on.

We will teach you how to read your opponents and create pressure on them when they make a mistake and use it to your advantage while studying their facial expressions.

pokerhowtoplay about us

We also offer bonuses to new players, that way you get try of how poker works and a chance to test them before investing real money and playing at high stakes. One great website to try poker in the UK is https://www.pokerstars.uk/.

That’s not all, we direct you on how to practice consistently and become the best because it’s only by consistent practice you perfect your game.